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Plenary Quotes from CLOCK National 'Time for Justice' Launch 2015


CLOCK National 'Time for Justice' Launch 2015,

"800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta, 1215; 'To No One Deny or Delay Right or Justice',
CLOCK; 'The Right to Assistance and the Public Duty to Assist'"

Plenary Quotes:

"The day provided:

  • A comprehensive review of the questions relating to litigants in person by those who have a genuine passion for the resolution of the problems that frequently arise.
  • A strong inter-disciplinary approach to problem solving and support.
  • An impressive use of modern technology and the skills and expertise of academic lawyers and students to provide the structure within which community legal companions can work.
  • An impressive achievement and a very worthwhile day".


Rt Hon Lord Justice Ernest Ryder

"The legal world is in a state of unprecedented flux. Cost pressures, liberalization, and new technology are combining to drive great change. In this shifting landscape, it is inspiring to find an initiative like CLOCK – driven from the academic world, directly engaging young aspiring lawyers, collaborating effectively with relevant stakeholders, and embracing a variety of information technologies. It was a pleasure to be involved in CLOCK’s launch and to witness at first hand an appetite and enthusiasm for delivering legal services differently".

Prof Richard Susskind,OBE, (author ‘Tomorrow’s Lawyers’)

"Due to the cut back in legal aid, SBS is witness to an unprecedented rise in the numbers of abused women having to represent themselves in legal matters and to the growth of discriminatory religious forums for dispute resolution in minority communities. Both these developments have a devastating impact on the most vulnerable in our society. Initiatives like CLOCK are vital because they can help to ensure that the most vulnerable can access justice and assert their human rights".

Pragna Patel, Southall Black Sisters

"As expected, we are seeing growing numbers of people struggling to navigate the family courts without legal assistance. The problem for many separating and divorcing couples is knowing what support might be realistically available to them. CLOCK will help them understand their options, including pointing them to solicitors’ services, where these are a viable option. But we must still stress that for many people the support of worthwhile initiatives like this will not be enough. There are still many families who need more legal assistance than is available to achieve the best result for their children".

Richard Miller, Law Society, Head of Legal Aid

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