Community Legal Outreach Collaboration Keele

Application for Assistance

A Community Legal Companion is a University Student trained by the CLOCK partnership to provide a free service to:

Signpost you to Charitable, Legal Aid and Affordable Fixed Fee Services from:

  • Charitable Support Services
  • Advice Services
  • Mediation Services
  • Law Firms
  • Barrister Chambers

And Assist You:

  • To fill in your application forms
  • To sort your paper work
  • To accompany you in formal proceedings i.e court, tribunal
  • To attend to take notes for your personal record.

Please note that the community legal companion can ONLY ASSIST and SIGNPOST and you are ultimately responsible for all your decisions and actions involved in your case.

Please note once you have submitted the application, a Community Legal Companion will contact you so you can explain your case on the phone or in person. The data shared on this form, together with further details that will be provided through your initial interview with the Community Legal Companion, will be shared with CLOCK Service Providers in order to contact you to offer their specific service.

Please ensure that you provide a safe contact number and safe email address to receive the call and email notification. If you are unable to disclose your address for safety reasons, please write UNDISCLOSED. We will require a postcode to process your application.

Please note a legal companion will contact you to signpost the application or arrange assistance in court. If your situation is urgent and you are worried about personal safety please call emergency services (101, 999).

Please read the terms and conditions and complete and submit the application form.

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