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Sip your drinks on entry, court users told


People entering court, including solicitors and barristers, are now being asked to sip the drinks they are carrying to prove they are not filled with harmful substances or alcohol, according to a notice from the courts service

War of words on flexible courts rumbles on


The chair of the bar has hit back at the judge in charge of piloting out-of-hours courts, calling on him to clarify remarks suggesting the profession’s criticism of the controversial proposals is ‘ill-informed’.

MoJ admits fate of five courts is still 'TBC'


The government has still not decided when to close five of the 86 courts earmarked for closure 18 months ago.

Supreme Court humiliates government over tribunal fees


In a humiliating reverse to its justice policies this morning, the government announced the abolition of employment tribunal fees after the Supreme Court ruled them unlawful.

UK litigation 'cost effective', LCJ declares


Litigation costs are more favourable in the UK than elsewhere, the lord chief justice has said, outlining an optimistic view of the UK's legal reputation post Brexit.

The LASPO review that the government shamefully failed to do’


Access to justice campaigners yesterday called on the government to start an immediate review of the 2013 legal aid cuts at a meeting of the House of Commons yesterday. Speaking at the launch of the third issue of Proof magazine, Matt Foot, co-founder of the Justice Alliance, said that for four years the group had been calling on the government to conduct a proper review. ‘They won’t do it so we’ve done it for them. Proof magazine is the review that the Government has shamefully failed to do,’

Neuberger: 'Very hard to defend' current legal aid system


The president of the Supreme Court appears to have compared UK governments to 'repressive totalitarian regimes' as part of a scathing attack on legal aid reforms.

Law centre calls for levy on corporate law firms


A law centre has asked its regional leader to impose a levy on corporate law firms to help fund pro bono advice. In a letter to Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham, Greater Manchester Law Centre reminds Burnham that his manifesto declares that Greater Manchester will be a beacon of social justice to the country, where no one is left behind.

News focus: LASPO four years on By Paul Rogerson3 July 2017


Is access to justice an essential public service, akin to state schooling and lifelong healthcare free at the point of delivery?

CLOCK Evidence for Lord Bach's Access to Justice Commission


Labour Manifesto promises to consider reinstatement of legal aid.

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