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CLOCK Evidence for Lord Bach's Access to Justice Commission


Labour Manifesto promises to consider reinstatement of legal aid.

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UKIERI- Research Innovations in Social and Legal Methodologies, CLOCK


The evidence is clear: LASPO isn’t working


As we await the government’s formal review of the 2012 act, everyone from the TUC to the NAO to Liberty agrees it has had a devastating impact, says Richard Miller

Delayed MoJ survey finds vulnerable ‘face multiple legal problems’


Vulnerable people - those living with a disability, as lone parents or on less than £15,000 a year - are more likely to experience multiple legal problems than others, according to a major government study slipped into the public domain a year late. The findings, published on Friday afternoon, point to a crisis in access to justice following legal aid reforms.

UK judges change court rules on child contact for violent fathers


Senior judges are taking steps to end the presumption that a father must have contact with a child where there is evidence of domestic abuse that would put the child or mother at risk.

At last: MoJ announces timetable for LASPO review


The government has set the ball rolling on the long-awaited review of its controversial legal aid reforms, the Ministry of Justice has announced.

Government plans 'threaten children's legal rights built up over decades'


Magistrates’ Association warns children and social work bill could make court orders protecting vulnerable children ‘unenforceable’

Munby: vulnerable witnesses reform ‘matter of priority’


The head of the Family Division has called for a bar on victims of domestic violence being cross-examined by the alleged perpetrators in court, criticising ministers’ ‘slow response’ to the pressing need for reform.

Legal aid news - November 2016


Welcome to our update of the latest legal aid and access to justice news from November 2016, featuring the interim report by Labour's Bach Commission on Access to Justice, a welcome U-turn by the government on immigration and asylum tribunal fees and much more...