Community Legal Outreach Collaboration Keele

Anna Brunt, Director and Solicitor at Lewis Rodgers Solicitors


Anna Brunt, I am a Director and solicitor at Lewis Rodgers Solicitors. I am an accredited Specialist with Resolution for both Domestic Violence and Private Children Law. I sit on the Standards Committee at Resolution and I am the liaison member to both Domestic Violence and Legal Aid Committee again with Resolution. I have a keen interest in Domestic Violence Work, and support a number of charities and organisations both with Legal Advice and training in relation to Domestic Violence and Children work.


I got involved with CLOCK as I believe that due to the Government reducing access to Legal Aid to a bare minimum there is a huge gap in resources to assist people in achieving access to Justice, and this needs to be filled some how. I assist CLOCK with training their new recruits and advice and assistance to those that need it on a competitive fixed fee basis.

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