Community Legal Outreach Collaboration Keele

CLOCK Objectives

The CLOCK Project is a collaborative project between the University of Keele, other universities, their students, law firms and third sector organisations working together under a common framework to provide access to justice for the community.

The objectives of the CLOCK Project are:

  • To build innovative and collaborative frameworks of University law schools, charitable service providers, professional legal services providers and public services, within which to provide community legal education to support and promote community access to justice.

  • To train and support Community Legal Companions to participate responsibly and collaboratively to assist members of the local community access charitable, legal and court services in accordance with the McKenzie Friend principles.

  • To collate information, transfer knowledge and share resources to promote social and legal policy research on legislative reforms, issues relating to access to justice and to disseminate this information, resources and research to the wider community, academic and professional bodies.
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