Community Legal Outreach Collaboration Keele


Community Legal Education introduces students to the intersections of community complex legal needs, and how to act as an intermediary to pivot the range of legal services within the public, private and third sector.

CLOCK participants, provide the opportunity for students to visit their projects and listen to service user's experiences such as 'Voices of Experience' which highlight how individuals may be faced with a complexity of housing, welfare, children's arrangements and personal safety needs which make it extremely difficult to access services or navigate court proceedings.

CLOCK participants have developed educational research projects on access to justice, specialising in domestic violence, sexual violence, asylum, housing, anti-social behaviour and welfare issues, which they share at local High Schools, or community engagement events. Community Legal Education

The Community Legal Companion role, was driven by student community legal education on community unmet legal needs, inspiring leading members of the law society, citizens advice bureau and charitable organisations to collaboratively train and guide students to assist litigants in person access their respective legal services, within an educational, service and research partnership. CLOCK Community Legal Companion

To see the Community Legal Education in action, see "The Higher Education Academy Social Sciences Strategic Project: Supporting the future of legal education", as linked above.